ARANJ Floral Tool Kit

ARANJ Floral Tool Kit


Invest in good tools!

We believe in this whole heartedly, especially when it comes to floral-ing! Our Floral Tool Kit includes all the good tools you will need to floral at home on your own - Our canvas zipper pouch with its “Floral Tool Kit” label will keep your Floral Clippers, Floral Tape & Floral Netting well organized and easily accessible for the next time you want to floral!

Product Details

Canvas Zipper Pouch

Keeps all your floral tools together, organized and easily accessible!

Size: Length 11” - Height 8.75”

Color: Natural Canvas Pouch - Metallic Gold Zipper - Pine Green Lettering

Floral Clippers

Made in Japan, these Floral Clippers feel comfortable in your hand and have a very sharp stainless steel blade which provides a clean, crisp cut to all floral stems. Carefully clean with dish soap & water after each use.

Right Handed

Style: Scissor

Color: Pine Green

Floral Tape

Use to secure your Floral Netting inside your vessel or to create a grid pattern on top of your vessel for stem support.

Size: Length 164’ - Width .5”

Color: Pine Green

Floral Netting

Our inner working mechanic of choice at ARANJ - Floral Netting can be molded to fit any vessel, promotes freeform floral-ing as it allows you to easily move and reposition stems and is REUSABLE - Simply unfold flat, rinse with dish soap & water and store away until you are ready to floral again!

Size: Length 6” - Height 12”

Color: Pine Green Vinyl Coating

All ARANJ products come with our Flower Arrangement “Recipe Card” - This card has a list of tools, floral types, easy to follow directions on arranging flowers and tips on rehydrating and “deconstructing & reimagining” your arrangement. The ARANJ Flower Arrangement “Recipe Card” is a great quick reference to keep handy while floral-ing!

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